Vacation House Rental

Your own private and secluded beach home! Miles of white sand beach and the most beautiful aqua ocean you have ever seen! Right at your front step! Live sustainably! 100% solar and wind powered! Zero carbon foot print!

Our home has water on three sides with panoramic views all the way around, surrounded by a National Park, and more than three miles from the nearest neighbor.

It is located on some of the best flats for bone fishing on Andros, in the Bahamas, and for that matter, in the world. You can go bone fishing just outside your own front door.

Wade out into the flats, take a kayak or the canoe and explore Curly Creek on the other side of the bay about one mile away. The creek winds through the Sugar Plum Cays. As you glide over the calm waters of the flats, you will surprise bone fish, sting rays, barracuda, lemon sharks and more.
When the tide is low, you can walk for miles looking for shells in less than ankle deep water. There are some special spots where you can find beautiful sunrise tellins and sand dollars. If you happen to be there on a full moon night, you can have a magical experience walking on the sand flats in the moon light.

You can fish on your own in the bay right in front of the house, or set up guided fishing trips, either bone fishing, reef fishing or deep sea fishing with excellent local guides.

You can snorkel or SCUBA in the Tongue of the Ocean, on the world’s third largest barrier reef, with a 6000 foot wall just a mile offshore. One of the foremost fully equipped dive resorts is just six miles away. You can also explore the inland fresh water blue holes. Andros has the largest concentration of blue holes in the world. They are natural swimming pools, perfectly round holes filled with cool fresh water surrounded by forest.

Bird watching will yield different species in the various areas. Some of the birds are considered protected and migrate from afar to nest here in peace and tranquility. Others can only be found here.

At night, it is a star gazer's paradise! Far from any light pollution, the sky is dazzling from horizon to horizon.